Hello to book lovers around the world!

Hi there!

I started this site as a place to put down my thoughts on all the books I love, all the books I hate, and any books in between!

I grew up in countries around the world with little to no access to English language books until I got my kindle e-reader, which is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. That was when I discovered the powers of reviews. Reviews save you from sorting through a bunch of junk in order to find the good reads: someone else has done that for you! Reviews help me find the kind of books I like and steer me clear of the ones that just aren’t worth reading. So I decided to write reviews on all the books I read, in hopes that my reviews will help people choose which books to download and maybe help them find books they like.

The reviews on this site will be mostly fantasy and sci-fi, and any YA books, since that’s what I like to read.

So if you’re like me, in a foreign country with your reader your only connection to the wonderful world of fiction, or you just plain LOVE BOOKS, I hope this site will help you find books which are worth loving.


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One response to “Hello to book lovers around the world!

  1. Hello Olivia, your blog is looks pretty :-). I hope to get a chance to talk books with you soon.

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